katello-client-bootstrap 1.2.0 Released

Today, katello-client-bootstrap-1.2.0, the tool for registering / migrating systems to Foreman+Katello was released. From the GitHub page

Notable Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Bootstrap now disassociates a host if it is associated with a compute resource prior to removing it.
  • Bootstrap now defaults to removing RHN and RHUI packages (see the –remove-obsolete-packages switch. –no-remove-obsolete-packages negates this behavior.
  • Bootstrap properly supports i686 systems.
  • Bootstrap properly handles HTTP 20x responses from the API
  • Bootstrap properly fails if a minimal version of the subscription-manager-migration package is not found as older versions of rhn-migrate-classic-to-rhsm do not support activation keys
  • Bootstrap now has the –add-domain switch to add the domain of a registering host if it doesn’t exist.
  • Bootstrap properly checks to see if the user is root prior to running.
  • Bootstrap ensures that subscription-manager passes the FQDN in rhsm request to prevent duplicate host entries
  • Bootstrap properly configures the system for Remote Execution (see the –rex and  –rex-user switches)
  • Bootstrap no longer requires the Location as a mandatory parameter.
  • Bootstrap updates python to prevent issues with gopher.
  • Bootstrap now supports the –enablerepos switch to support older versions of subscription-manager which do not support enabling repos via activation keys.
  • Bootstrap ensures that the productid and subscription-manager plugins are properly enabled.
  • Bootstrap now gracefully fails if the user is attempting to run the script on a system already registered to Katello.
  • Bootstrap now properly removes Katello CA certificates installed manually or via the consumer RPM
  • Bootstrap now properly migrates systems using activation keys that have spaces
  • Bootstrap now defaults to using –force when calling rhn-migrate-classic-to-rhsm, allowing systems using cloned channels to be migrated
  • Bootstrap no longer prompts for a password when –skip-foreman is used.

Rich Jerrido

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