katello-client-bootstrap 1.3.0 released

Today, katello-client-bootstrap-1.3.0, the tool for registering / migrating systems to Foreman+Katello was released. From the GitHub page

Notable Improvements & Bugfixes

  • bootstrap.py now (re)starts rhsmcertd upon completion as some users may have it disabled.
  • bootstrap.py now supports the --fqdn option, allowing the user to specify an arbitrary hostname that would be used instead of the detected hostname
  • bootstrap.py now supports the --download-method option which allows the download of the katello-ca-consumer-latest package to occur via HTTPs
  • bootstrap.py now gracefully handles if the user uses the --rex switch against a SmartProxy that does not have the SSH feature enabled.
  • bootstrap.py now supports the --ip option, allowing the user to override the auto-detected IP of the machine.
  • bootstrap.py now works on systems with non-standard GEM_PATH environment variables
  • bootstrap.py now supports a modular skip option --skip, which allows the user to skip specific sections of the script. (Example: : --skip foreman to skip the Foreman parts of the script). This allows us to deliver additional skip options without requiring a new switch for each.
  • bootstrap.py ensures that /etc/rhsm/facts/ exits prior to running.
  • fixed evaluation codes when external commands are called via commands.getstatusoutput
  • Updates to documentation to better document
    • required permissions
    • provide more examples
    • Add CONTRIBUTING.md for contributors and developers.

Rich Jerrido

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