katello-client-bootstrap 1.4.0 released

Today, katello-client-bootstrap-1.4.0, the tool for registering / migrating systems to Foreman+Katello was released. From the GitHub page

Notable bugfixes and enhancements.

  • bootstrap.py now checks if Katello/Spacewalk/Satellite are installed already and error out
  • bootstrap.py now allows providing a repository for subscription-manager and associated dependencies if they are not installed already. (see the --deps-repository-url* options.
  • bootstrap.py now allows the ability to install additional user specified packages during the bootstrap process (see the --install-packagesoption.)
  • Allow configuring Puppet in noop mode, useful for ensuring the again is installed, but not actively enforcing (see the --puppet-noop option.
  • Allow disabling the automatic start of the Puppet agent after registration. (see the --skip puppet-enable option)

Rich Jerrido

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