katello-client-bootstrap 1.6.0 released

Today, katello-client-bootstrap-1.6.0, the tool for registering / migrating systems to Foreman+Katello was released. From the GitHub page:

Includes bugfixes & enhancements since 1.5.1

  • Add a –force-content-source option. Useful when you have remote execution and hosts that may not have subnets defined.
  • Add a user-friendly comment
  • Support Arbitrary servers as Puppet Master and Puppet CA, useful for load-balanced Puppet Masters.
  • bootstrap.py now verifies if the domain that a host is using is associated with the correct org/location.
  • adds a –content-only option as an alias to –skip foreman
  • Allows a user to specify Location -L when using either –content-only or –skip foreman
  • Documentation updates
  • bootstrap.py now runs a yum clean all when unregistering from another server
  • Updating the documentation for various –skip options.
  • implement pylint checking.

Rich Jerrido

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